The name baryte is derived from the greek word βαρύς (heavy). It is a mineral consisting of Barium Sulfate (BaSo4) and the primary source for producing Barium. India is one of the top producing countries of baryte and indian baryte is well accepted in various applications including as a constituent of drilling mud in oil exploration industry. Over last 4 decades - gimpex has made significant investments for grinding, crushing as well as beneficating baryte ore.

Products Availabe In Various Forms

  • Baryte Lumps
  • Baryte Powder

Our Role

Gimpex is considered one of the pioneers in the industry when it comes to baryte exports from india. We enjoy a higher degree of reputation and recognition in the industrial mineral world more so for our consistency in quality, delivery commitments and service oriented approach to our valued customers. Gimpex has bagged export awards for many consecutive years and till date is one of the largest exporter of baryte lumps and powder from india.


We have been serving several customers around the world in the last 40 years, since our inception. The tenure and the business done in the last 40 years is a proof of the confidence our esteemed Baryte buyers place on Gimpex. This reputation building has played a critical role in Gimpex’s growth over the years.

3rd Country Merchanting

Gimpex is now a multi nation trader and is willing to go to lengths to satisfy their customer’s requirement. As a result over time - we have now extended our procurement and we currently offer baryte originating from various countries as mentioned below

  • China
  • Morocco
  • Vietnam


  • Part of the Drilling Mud used in Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Filler in Paint and Plastics Industry,
  • Sound Reduction in Engine Compartments,
  • Coat of Automobile Finishes for smoothness and corrosion resistance,
  • Friction products for Automobiles and Trucks,
  • Radiation-Shielding Cement,
  • Glass Ceramics and
  • Medical Applications (for example, a barium meal before a contrast CAT scan).
  • Historically baryte was used for the production of barium hydroxide for sugar refining, and as a white pigment for textiles, paper, and paint.

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